Our Summer Associate Program

We are now accepting applications for our Summer 2020 Associate Program.

Why should I apply to be an Associate at Teamworthy Ventures?

The best reason is that you enjoy anticipating ways to help others flourish and thrive in their work. You should enjoy reading, writing, and speaking with others about their ideas, projects, opportunities, and challenges. You should be interested in pursuing personal and team excellence in the work described below.


What does Teamworthy Ventures do?

We invest in great teams and we strive to be worthy partners. We seek to develop long-term relationships with talented and trustworthy entrepreneurs and teams, and we invest in their ventures at the seed, early, or growth stage. We invest in outstanding consumer and enterprise software and software-enabled services businesses in the following sectors: Marketplaces and E-Commerce, Vertical SaaS, SMB SaaS, Information Services, Edtech, Fintech, Sports Tech, Developer Tools and APIs, Marketing Tech and Adtech, Imaging and Sensor Networks, Health IT, and Travel Tech. A sample of the seed, early, and growth stage companies that Teamworthy Ventures and principals have invested in and supported include: SeatGeek, RaiseMe, Boxed, Ibotta, Toast, MealPal, Capsule, Virtru, Slice, AirMap, 7Shifts, G2, Privacy.com, Reliable Robotics, Clarity Money, MM.LaFleur, Quartzy, Vemo Education, among others.


What do you want Teamworthy Ventures to add to the world?

We stand at the crossroads where people, ideas, and capital encounter each other. We start with our customers (our entrepreneurs and their teams) and work backwards, committing ourselves as servant-leaders with the spirit of a true partnership. We strive to be worthy partners by connecting promising entrepreneurs to our network of other successful entrepreneurs and partners to help them build innovative companies of purpose, value, and integrity. We assist our entrepreneurs with helpful introductions to new customers, partners, and team members. Helpful and high-integrity investors help companies raise the standard of living in their community, country, and the world.


What qualifications should I have?

You should be a current junior in college or a recent graduate (0-3 years of work experience) with a strong academic record, demonstrated leadership experience, a high aptitude and enthusiasm for qualitative and quantitative information, and a servant-leader disposition towards your classmates, teammates, colleagues, and mentors. While Summer Associates are the focus of our program, we welcome applications for full-time Associate opportunities. 


Do I need to have studied economics or finance or have advanced skills in math?

No. We want to work with people of integrity who are smart and curious.


What will I be doing as an Associate at Teamworthy Ventures?

We pair each of our Associates with one of our Partners so they have an opportunity to develop faster into successful investors. Associates attend company visits and participate in company conference calls with Partners. As you develop your abilities as an investor, you will be responsible for developing new investment opportunities, building new relationships with entrepreneurs, and conducting due diligence on companies under consideration by our team. Before, during, and after our investment in a business, you will assist our team in providing support to portfolio company management teams with a special focus on introducing them to new customers, partners, and candidates.

Associates are located in New York City, with an opportunity for rotations through portfolio companies in New York City and other parts of the country. You will also develop a network of peers at other investment firms. Our summer Associates typically join us for 12 weeks during the summer. Our full-time Associates will generally work for two years with us before becoming Principals at the firm or pursuing other opportunities in investing, entrepreneurship, or further education. Once we hire you, your development matters to us. Our business works better and is more fun if everyone is constantly getting better at what they do and suggests ways we can get better together.

A note on your future

The great American entrepreneur Sam Walton (founder of Walmart) often said that his secret advantage was the humility to learn from anyone -- store employees, executives, competitors, etc. We consider it a privilege to work with and learn from the best entrepreneurs, whether they are found inside or outside our firm!

You will be facing a big decision on how to invest your time and gifts after graduation. We recognize that our Associates possess and develop unique talents and interests. You may decide in a few years that you have entrepreneurial aspirations that exceed even the wide scope our Associate role offers for helping our companies and pursuing great entrepreneurial teams. At that time, our partners would welcome an opportunity to help you build your own venture.

Our previous Summer Associates have attended Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Penn. Brian Cashin, our current full-time Associate, joined us after completing a Summer Associate internship with us and graduating from Yale College.

What is the interview process for the Summer Associate program?

Our partners will review your application responses (see below) and contact you to schedule a video interview.

Following the video interview, you will be given a short project to help us learn more about you and your abilities.

How do I apply?

Please email us at apply@teamworthy.com. In the body of your email, please answer the following questions and also attach your resume/CV.

What is the most interesting book you have read in the last year? Why?

What is the most interesting idea you have considered during your time in college?

What tools, products, or services have been most helpful to you during your academic work or extracurricular projects?

Which team or group project achievement are you most proud of? Why?

Who is your closest mentor? How has he or she formed you as a person?

How did you learn about the Teamworthy Ventures Summer Associate Program?