November 2017 Updates from Our Entrepreneurs

New Investment

We are excited to support CEO Chris Comparato and the entire talented team at Toast. Based in Boston, Toast is the leading all-in-one restaurant point of sale system (POS). The Toast team continues to offer a best in class software platform paired with affordable hardware and a commitment to restaurant customer service and satisfaction. Request a demo of their platform or browse open positions on their growing team across the country.

November 2017 Updates from Our Entrepreneurs

NFL New Orleans Saints, NBA Pelicans switch from TicketMaster to SeatGeek as primary ticketing platform - SeatGeek announced a landmark ticketing partnership with the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans, making SeatGeek the new primary ticketing platform for both teams starting with the 2018 seasons. This agreement – SeatGeek’s first in both the NFL and NBA – represents a fundamental movement in the sports industry toward a technology-first paradigm that benefits both teams and fans. “Our number one priority is our fans, therefore we are partnering with SeatGeek to deliver the absolute best ticketing experience,” said New Orleans Saints and Pelicans President Dennis Lauscha. “SeatGeek allows our fans to explore new, innovative and flexible ways to purchase tickets with full ticket authentication. We are extremely proud of this partnership.” Learn more about SeatGeek Enterprise

Toast Integrates with SynergySuite to Create a Seamless Operation Solution for Restaurants to Boost Efficiency and Profitability - Through this partnership, SynergySuite equips Toast customers with a full set of mobile tools. SynergySuite's online platform uses POS order data to help streamline back office operations and improve profitability through intelligent purchasing recommendations, optimized staff scheduling, and food safety monitoring. “SynergySuite is delighted to partner with Toast to bring a streamlined solution to restaurant chains. Users appreciate the simplicity of the SynergySuite and Toast systems and are blown away by the valuable information they gain to drive their business forward.,” said Suzanne Keane, COO and co-founder at SynergySuite. “We are looking forward to giving more users access to this great solution.” Request a demo of Toast's all-in-one restaurant POS

These Women Want to Dress You For The Office - For Sarah LaFleur, it isn’t just what women want to shop for, but how. In addition to offering smart-but-cool work wear styles, MM.LaFleur has a personal styling service that delivers a “bento box” of items selected on the basis of a questionnaire users fill out. Back Story: As a young woman in finance, I was always frustrated with my work wear options. I was working 70 hours a week, on the road from Monday through Thursday, and I definitely didn’t want to spend my nights and weekends sifting through racks in a department store. So I started MM.LaFleur to take the work — and the stress — out of shopping for work. What We Do: "I wanted to create a beautiful collection that not only met the professional woman’s needs, but also offered a seamless shopping experience. That’s where our personal stylists come in." Start a Bento now

Ibotta Millennial Shopping Report: Best Days to Buy Rosé, Avocados, Hot Sauce and More - "We strive to make shopping simple, personalized, and immediately accessible from your mobile device, and that's what makes Ibotta so appealing, especially to millennial shoppers," Leach said. "In just five years, American consumers have earned more than $250 million in cash rewards by using our free app, and we hope that this Millennial Shopping Report will further inform smart purchasing decisions by all shoppers, regardless of age." Learn more about partnering with Ibotta

Lackawanna College Launches Innovative Student Financing Solution with Vemo Education - "Affordability has always been a hallmark of Lackawanna College, and our institution has a long history of innovative thinking to provide students with high-quality educational opportunities at low costs," said Lackawanna College President Mark Volk. "Income share agreements provide an opportunity to align our interests with those of our students, which fits perfectly with our mission to ease the burden of college costs." With federal student loan debt at $1.4 trillion and climbing, college and university leaders are increasingly focused on identifying alternative college funding models that reduce risk and improve affordability for students and graduates. By adjusting payments based on income, Vemo Educationpowered ISAs enable risk-sharing between students and institutions and reduce the amount of payment for students who make less than expected after graduating. Learn more about how Vemo can help your college or university

AirMap and Kespry Take Commercial Drone Operations to New Heights - Now, anyone with a Kespry drone will have instant and integrated access to AirMapairspace intelligence when they plan their flights, ensuring that each mission can be flown more safely, more efficiently, and in compliance with relevant airspace conditions and requirements. During the flight planning process, the Kespry app automatically surfaces AirMap airspace advisories, wind, and weather tailored to the unique parameters of each flight, including the drone operator’s pilot certification. Preflight checks are easier than ever before, autofilling this information in each mission plan to help operators move more quickly from field, to flight, to finish. Airspace rules, temporary flight restrictions, and the locations of schools, prisons, hospitals, power plants, and more can be viewed with just a tap. The result: a richer, more streamlined experience that makes situational awareness and flight planning effortless for Kespry customers. Learn more about AirMap airspace authorization

MealPal on Course for Success - The start-up launched in Sydney in June and began operations in Melbourne in August. With more than 300 restaurants signed on to its service, MealPal co-founder and CEO Mary Biggins told The Australian the start-up was keen to differentiate itself from its more well-known rivals. MealPal is a subscription service aimed at busy CBD professionals, offering them lunches at a much cheaper price point. Consumers can choose from two packages that are valid for 30 days — either 20 lunches at $7.49 each or 12 lunches for $7.99 each — so a total of $149.80 or $95.88 a month. Skip the waitlist and join MealPal now

University Data Protection and Regulatory Compliance – What You Need to Know - Michigan State University, for example, lost an estimated $3 million from its 2016 security incident, which also required the school to purchase free credit monitoring services for all affected users. The incident resulted when hackers infiltrated a network database containing 400,000 student and faculty records, exposing Social Security Numbers, university access credentials, and other sensitive information. Contact the Virtru team to learn more

Boxed CEO Chieh Huang at U.S. Chamber of Commerce 2017 Corporate Citizenship Conference - Chieh Huang, CEO of Boxed, an online retailer of bulk items, says he was inspired at an employee appreciation event when a box loader who had been laid off from another job in 2008 told him he had never before been honored in a corporate environment. Huang said he realized, “We were shepherding folks who had their entire livelihood in our hands.” He vowed, “We will never let you down.” The New York City-based company helps pay the college tuition of workers’ kids. And after an employee said he couldn’t afford a wedding, Huang decided to offer staffers generous wedding stipends and unlimited vacations.Boxed also gives consumers rebates for what Huang considers unfair taxes on feminine hygiene products—often referred to as the "Pink Tax." Download the Boxed app and get $15 off your first order

AirMap's Bill Goodwin Testifies Before Congress - Appearing before the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, Subcommittee on Aviation, AirMapGeneral Counsel Bill Goodwin offered examples of how the U.S. national airspace is evolving to accommodate drones, AirMap's experience in other countries that are accelerating drone integration, and recommendations for U.S. policy to build on recent progress. Read the written testimony

High schoolers can get paid for 'A's through South Carolina's micro-scholarship program - South Carolina's college-bound high school students have a new reason to focus on their grade point average starting in the 9th grade: Real money is on the line. Five colleges and universities in the state have entered partnerships with Raise.Me, an online platform started in 2014 that lets students accrue "micro-scholarships" as they work their way through high school. Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, Presbyterian College, the University of South Carolina and Winthrop University are offering some students the chance to earn scholarships for academic and extracurricular achievements. Learn more about how RaiseMe can help your college or university

Clarity Money Launches on Android and Web - While sharing details about the app’s expansion, Founder and CEO of Clarity Money, Adam Dell, stated: “We built Clarity Money to help users be proactive about their money and to improve their financial future. Expanding Clarity Money to be available on three platforms means more people are armed with an unbiased advocate helping them navigate their financial lives.” Melissa Manne, VP of Product Management for Clarity Money, also noted: “Clarity Money is always looking for ways to improve the consumer experience, especially when it comes to understanding our users. As demand for our technology and services increased, our team realized that this was the next step to not only increase our reach but to further our mission of helping people gain access to responsible money management tools.” Sign up for a free Clarity Money account today

4 Ways Marketers Can Use Location Data This Holiday Season - In our technology-driven world, marketers need to be creative with their advertising strategies this holiday season. The retail landscape has evolved a great deal over the past few years with new mobile advances, but consumers are still making the majority of purchases in store, including 53 percent of tech savvy millennials. While online browsing patterns are valuable, they are not always the best indicator of purchase intent. The places consumers move about in the physical world tell a better story of consumer path to purchase. So, how can you leverage location data to hone in on your niche target audiences this holiday season? Contact the Factual sales team to learn more

How Carta (formerly eShares) helps with an IPO - An IPO is cause for celebration. Founders, investors, and employees all share the rewards commensurate to stakeholders and owners putting in years of hard work. The foundation of that collective ownership is the equity management platform. Sophisticated companies can tell a complete story based on their statement of cash flows, income statements, and balance sheets. However, a more compelling story can be told by utilizing a company’s historical record of ownership through Carta. The most important time to get the ownership story correct is before an IPO. Carta’s platform helps companies create the right narrative before, during, and after the public offering. Request a Carta demo

How Food52 Used Email to Handle Thanksgiving and Cyber Weekend - The brand redesigned their Shop pages the week before Thanksgiving and invested in back-up servers that could handle any wild traffic increases; with lessons learned from previous years (on Black Friday 2016, the site’s sales tax calculator broke down, making it a “tax free weekend” for shoppers) and additional marketing support from Agency Within, the many teams of Food52 were as prepared as they could be. Most emails, especially those including marketing messaging, had backup plans in case sales weren’t hitting their goals; editorial franchises and creative imagery shoots had been planned in advance to provide both fresh content and much-needed advice; and, with the help of online services like Google Drive’s products and Slack’s messaging service, the company was ready to enjoy the holiday, be there for its readers and direct them to its hundreds of unique products. Visit the Food52 Shop today

Lively's Free HSA - HSAs help save tax-free dollars for healthcare costs and have always helped offset the costs of healthcare, but the fees associated with them have hurt these cost savings. Why can’t there be a 100% free HSA that makes it simple and easy to save money for healthcare? This was one of the founding principals of Lively and our free HSA. Co-Founder Alex Cyriac explains, “What concerns us is that existing HSA companies are clunky, outdated, and expensive. In fact, we found certain providers didn’t make it easy to get your money out when you needed it most. They take weeks to process paperwork, offer lackluster customer service and nickel and dime their customers with hidden fees like debit card usage, account statements, legal, transfer, etc.” Learn how to offer a Lively HSA to your team

Join Atlas Obscura on a culinary trip to Mexico City - On this 5-day excursion in and around Mexico City, we’ll experience moments when the city's numerous identities are expressed and aligned perfectly—for instance, enjoying a street snack of tacos al pastor while taking in a hidden Diego Rivera mural. But we’ll also be looking for the fractures, zooming in on specific influences: a heady Aztec brew, or a colonial-era mole recipe, or the unique, pre-Hispanic floating farms still in use today. We'll be sure to also head out of the center city in an attempt to isolate and better understand these culinary traditions. From street food to contemporary Mexican dining trends, traditional restaurants to meals in local homes, our focus throughout the trip will be food and the people who make it. On the periphery of our tastebuds will be the history, art, architecture, landscape, agriculture, and street life that brings everything together. This adventure is limited to only 13 hungry explorers. View more Atlas Obscura Trips

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