November Update from Teamworthy Ventures

October / November 2018 Updates from Our Entrepreneurs

G2 Crowd builds the world’s largest business commerce platform fueled by $100M in funding  - “For businesses to reach their full potential, they need information they can trust,” said CEO and Co-Founder Godard Abel. “That’s why G2 Crowd is quickly becoming the first step on every company’s digital transformation journey. We’re bringing authenticity and transparency to the business marketplace.”  Join the G2 Crowd team

Convexity Scientific Partners with Capsule - “People want their medication the day it’s prescribed,” Capsule CEO Eric Kinariwala said. “Our emotionally resonant customer experience builds trust and loyalty. Our proprietary technology powers the first pharmacy system that works for all of the stakeholders in health care  —  enabling customized outcomes for doctors, hospitals, insurers and manufacturers. The addition of Flyp to our product offering expands the convenience and value we offer to our customers and doctors.” Geoff Matous, Executive Vice President of Convexity Scientific, added: "Capsule is an ideal partner for the Flyp product and brand. They’re reinventing the pharmacy experience for all stakeholders and delivering a tremendous amount of value in the process. Capsule’s focus on being faster, smarter, kinder and better is a terrific mirror of the ethos of Flyp Nebulizer — a product our team developed with a mission to help patients breathe freely. They have the platform validation and appropriate resources to scale nationally; we are honored that Capsule sees the clinical and consumer value of Flyp Nebulizer and look forward to helping support their success.” Join the Capsule team

SeatGeek Introduces Partnership With Google, New Google Pay Feature - SeatGeek users now can add their purchased tickets into their Google Pay app, storing their ticket alongside credit cards and boarding passes. If more than one ticket is purchased, it’s possible to add each of them to the app with a single tap, rather than adding each separately.“We’re thrilled about the SeatGeek integration. Now, it’ll be easier for people to store and use tickets for tons of events in the Google Pay app,” Product Manager for Google Pay, Ankit Prasad, said. “They’ll have access to everything they need, right on their phones.” Dallas Gutauckis, Director of Mobile Engineering at SeatGeek, said SeatGeek has always “championed an open ecosystem for live events,” and this new partnership will allow fans to have another way to save and use their purchased tickets. Join the SeatGeek team

Toast Introduces Avero, GoParrot, and Rooam to Toast Partner EcosystemToast, the fastest-growing restaurant management platform in the U.S., announced Avero, GoParrot, and Rooam as key integrations in the Toast Partner Ecosystem. The addition of these new application partners will provide restaurants of all sizes access to the technology partners they need to increase revenue, improve operations, and delight their guests. Toast's Partner Ecosystem complements its core point-of-sale, empowering restaurant operators with the flexibility to build their highest-performing restaurant tech stack. Join the Toast team

(PLAY VIDEO) Boxed CEO Chieh Huang's TED Talk: Confessions of a Recovering Micromanager - Think about the most tired you've ever been at work. It probably wasn't when you stayed late or came home from a road trip -- chances are it was when you had someone looking over your shoulder, watching your each and every move. "If we know that micromanagement isn't really effective, why do we do it?" asks entrepreneur Chieh Huang. In a funny talk packed with wisdom and humility, Huang shares the cure for micromanagement madness -- and how to foster innovation and happiness at work. Join the Boxed team

Ibotta Mobile Commerce Report Finds 47 Percent of Consumers Prefer Shopping Via Mobile - "Mobile has changed every aspect of the shopping experience. From the way consumers shop, to the way they research purchases and make decisions about what to buy and even how they engage with the brands they love," said Bryan Leach, Founder and CEO of Ibotta. "Everyone's shopping behavior is different and unique to them, and brands cannot expect customer loyalty with a one-size-fits-all approach. The goal of Ibotta's inaugural Mobile Commerce Reportis to highlight the shift in mobile shopping behavior while providing insight into the best ways to attract and retain loyal customers." Join the Ibotta team

Factual, Ibotta Identify Unique Behavior Based On Location, Purchase Data -  For example, if the consumer consistently goes to the grocery store to buy avocados, tortillas, and salsa, there is a high probability they would be interested in dining at Chipotle, Qdoba, or Taco Bell explains Mike Dadlani, vice president of media and partnerships at Ibotta. The data also analyzes grocery store purchases and determines which consumers have a higher propensity to dine at a Mexican restaurant. The audience segments for programmatic targeting can be used across a variety of demand-side platforms (DSPs) and data management providers (DMPs) such as Google and LiveRamp. “When you pair the data, it allows marketers to get a lot more creative,” Dadlani said. Historically, consumer product goods companies, retailers and restaurants needed to choose between two types of data -- either location or purchase. The “unique” partnership aims to help advertisers further personalize the experience for consumer based on what they buy, where they buy it, and when they make the purchase, explains Glen Straub, vice president at Factual.  Join the Factual team

OpenGov fall festival focuses on powering more effective government - When the fire hit, Galbraith had never used OpenGov Stories – a solution that helps governments more effectively share information with their communities and across their organizations using easy-to-use web pages that combine data, images, maps, videos, and text - to disseminate recovery information to Shasta County and Redding residents. She had to learn how to use the platform under extreme pressure, taking care to provide as much information to the public as possible while also acting as a sort of gatekeeper to guard against misinformation. In 48 hours over a weekend, Galbraith and a tiger team of OpenGov employees were able to post 15 stories and host one virtual town hall. In total, the city was able to respond to 106 questions from citizens. In the first two days, over 30,000 residents visited the site. After the immediate threat of the fire had dissipated, the platform became a one-stop shop for recovery and rebuilding information. Join the OpenGov team

AirMap Named UTM Provider for 4 European Network of U-space Demonstrations - AirMap has been selected as a UTM provider in four SESAR European U-space Demonstrator Projects: GOF USPACE in Finland and Estonia, DOMUS in Spain, VUTURA in the Netherlands, and GEOSAFE throughout France. Join the AirMap team

How General Assembly’s new income-share agreement program is removing barriers to education and career change - Students can take a full-time GA Immersive course in web development, data science, or UX design at no upfront cost. After they graduate and land a job earning at least $40,000 annually, they’ll start paying back 10% of their income over 48 monthly payments. Join the Vemo team

Read newly published journal articles on in Computer ScienceHealth SciencesComputational Biology, and more.  Join the Academia team

Job Opportunities in Our Network

Chief Financial Officer at Ibotta

Director of Product at MealPal

Vice President, Finance at RaiseMe


Senior Software Engineer at RaiseMe

Android Engineer at Ibotta

Software Engineer at Worksmith

Senior Front End Engineer at Capsule

Senior Software Engineer at Ibotta

Software Engineer (SG Open) at SeatGeek

Software Engineer at Imagen

Senior Mobile Engineer at

Platform Engineer at Ibotta

Full Stack Developer at Renoviso

Senior Engineering Manager at OpenGov


Director of Marketing Analytics at SeatGeek

Growth Marketing Manager at G2 Crowd

Growth Marketing Director, SEM at SeatGeek

City Launcher at MealPal

District Partner Associate at RaiseMe

Growth Marketing Manager at Carta


Head of Sales Operations at SeatGeek

Director of Business Development at Ibotta

Sales Manager at Capsule

National Partnerships Executive at MealPal

Sales Engineer (Public Sector) at OpenGov

Account Manager at Worksmith

Business Development Manager at

National Partnerships Executive at MealPal

Director of Relationship Managers at G2 Crowd

Account Executive at OpenGov

Sales Manager at Renoviso

Outside Sales Executive, Seattle at MealPal

Partner Success Associate at RaiseMe

Account Executive at BridgeAthletic


Director of Product Management, Shopper Experience at Ibotta

Product Manager - Primary Ticketing at SeatGeek

Senior Product Designer at OpenGov

Product Manager at G2 Crowd

Senior Product Manager at

Senior Product Manager at Ibotta


Director of Talent Acquisition at Ibotta

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