February 2018 Updates from Teamworthy Ventures

Louisville City FC Partners with SeatGeek - SeatGeek Enterprise, the company’s primary ticketing platform, will bring LouCity supporters a multitude of new features designed to provide a more efficient, simpler way to access and manage their tickets. The system will allow fans to purchase tickets on a number of different ticketing sites and mobile apps, with the ability to securely sell or transfer tickets when needed. “We are thrilled to work with a ticketing partner in SeatGeek that aligns with our goal of providing the best fan buying experience in the USL,” said Dave Walkovic, Director of Ticket Sales at LouCity. “As we explore every avenue in connecting with our Season Ticket Members, SeatGeek’s proven track record and efficiency will provide our supporters with the most direct route to connect with the club.” Learn more about SeatGeek Enterprise

Toast Partners with TripAdvisor - Toast, the all-in-one restaurant technology platform and one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the U.S., today announced a partnership with TripAdvisor (NASDAQ: TRIP), the world’s largest travel site, to deliver restaurants of all sizes the best suite of tools to entice new guests. This partnership between two Boston tech powerhouses reflects the companies’ mutual commitment to restaurant success. Toast customers are able to further enhance their restaurant’s visibility and drive traffic directly to their TripAdvisor listing by signing up for TripAdvisor Ads. Additionally, registered owners on TripAdvisor who are not yet Toast customers are eligible to receive $500 off TripAdvisor Ads, or six free months of TripAdvisor Premium. “Partnering with Toast will allow us to bring their customers new products to help them better showcase their business to prospective diners,” said Evan Becker, TripAdvisor head of Restaurant Commerce. “TripAdvisor Ads and TripAdvisor Premium allow restaurant owners of all sizes to quickly and easily manage their listing and ensure they’re reaching the right customers at the right time.” Request a demo of Toast's all-in-one restaurant POS

Return Path Relies on Virtru to Easily Protect Sensitive Data and Enable GDPR Compliant Email & File Sharing - Return Path is a leader in the email optimization industry, helping marketers take their email programs to the next level. They partner with best-in-class mailbox providers and ISPs to help clients understand how users interact with email. They’re currently increasing engagement across more than 70 percent of existing email—over 2.5 billion inboxes worldwide. Virtru spoke with Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer of Return Path. Dennis is responsible for a team ensuring security and privacy needs for Return Path’s clients and employees: “For us, the big things are ease of use and integration with our existing environment. We needed a solution that was fully integrated and could work with our existing single sign-on process. And we didn’t want anyone to have to go into their settings to turn something on and off. With Virtru, we can just flip a switch to add security, while authoring a message in real time. It’s simple and perfectly integrated. Even better? We didn’t have to install anything on our computers. We just turned on the solution, and we didn’t have to spend a lot of time training people. With Virtru, we’ve really avoided a lot of extra work and stress.” Contact the Virtru team to learn more

Ibotta Reveals Best Day to Buy Valentine's Day Chocolate; Vermont Leads in Champagne Sales - As part of its "Champagne Toast" promotion, Ibotta analyzed more than 2 million item-level receipts uploaded to the Ibotta app in the two weeks before Valentine's Day in 2016 and 2017, and found that Vermont purchased more champagne per resident than any other state. Across the country, Oregon was busy preparing for some Valentine's Day closeness, leading the nation in gum and mints purchases per person. Ibotta's Valentine's Day analysis also revealed the best day to buy chocolate this Valentine's Day to ensure a holiday of romance and savings. Based on the same receipt-level study, Ibotta found that chocolate is six percent cheaper six days before Valentine's Day over the last two years. Learn more about partnering with Ibotta

Springfield College Announces New Scholarship Program with RaiseMe- Springfield College is excited to announce a new scholarship program in partnership with RaiseMe, focused on expanding access to higher education by making college scholarships more accessible, and by awarding them earlier, to high school students. "We are very sensitive to the issue of college affordability,” said Springfield College Vice President for Enrollment Management Stuart Jones. “That's why we are committed to doing something about it. We want to help high school students earn scholarship and grant money now to Springfield College for the great things they are doing in high school, and not only after they apply and get accepted. This is a very unique and very early way to help high school students that most colleges are not doing.” "We are excited to welcome Springfield College to RaiseMe's micro-scholarship platform,” said Katie Mooney, Vice President of College Partnerships at RaiseMe. “We look forward to this new partnership supporting more high school students in the Northeast and nationally as they build their path to college. Springfield's longstanding commitment to college readiness and student success makes them a perfect new addition to RaiseMe's platform." Learn more about how RaiseMe can help your college or university

Boxed for Business in Your Company's Pantry - “We’re just completing adding things businesses benefit from: snack boxes to share, wine and fruits,” Boxed Head of Sales Neel Madhvani says. “Our breakroom supplies have expanded.” The company’s B2B portal, Boxed.com/business, offers individual and curated groups of products for customers in multiple categories, including corporations, education, small business, healthcare, and hotels and hospitality. Its customers range from large (Delta Airlines, Snapchat) to small, such as Industrious, a New York-based company that offers businesses co-working spaces and workspace services. “The snack box offering is about empathy toward the customer,” Madhvani says. “Office managers have a hundred things to do and no one takes care of them.” Boxed neatly organizes 150 snacks, such as protein bars and dried fruits, in a box, making the office manager look good by providing healthy munchies in individual packages. Get essentials that fit your budget, delivered to your company for free with Boxed for Business

Paying for college as a percentage of future earnings - Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., led the way with a program called “Back a Boiler” in 2016. According to the program’s website, 160 students from across 79 majors have taken advantage of $2.2 million in funding. These funds are backed by the Purdue Research Foundation, a nonprofit corporation set up by a former president of the Purdue University Board of Trustees. The university works with Vemo Education, a Virginia-based firm, to provide the infrastructure for the program. Purdue’s ISAs have a standard payback period of about 10 years, with a six-month grace period post-graduation before payments begin. Getting more specific, let’s take an example of a Purdue student who is a rising senior and an economics major with an ISA of $10,000. The program requires that he or she pay 3.38 percent of an anticipated salary of $47,000 after graduation for 100 months. This ISA would lead to a total amount paid back of $15,673, compared to a private loan of $10,000 at 9.5 percent fixed interest, which would total $17,126 at the end of a typical 10-year term. Thus, less paid back. Learn more about how Vemo Education can help your college or university

CVG, FAA partner with AirMap for protocols on how drones can operate within five miles of the airport - Drone operators are now able to operate in certain areas within five miles of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) thanks to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) new Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) program. Prior to LAANC and other recent technology enhancements, drones were prohibited within five miles of any airport. In conjunction with this effort and in order to protect the safety of the flying public, CVG partnered with several Kentucky airports as well as Kentucky State Representative Diane St. Onge to establish Kentucky HB540, the airport safety law. This law requires coordination with CVG as well as the FAA to operate drones in critical areas of the airport, primarily the ends of runways during takeoff and landing. CVG and the FAA have both independently partnered with AirMap to execute the LAANC protocols and provisions of Kentucky HB540, to provide seamless and efficient coordination and notification process for drone operators. Get started with Automated Airspace Authorization for Developers

Quartzy Launches Extensive Online Product Catalog of Over 2 Million Lab Supplies from More than 600 Manufacturers - Quartzy, the only free online laboratory management platform offering an extensive lab supply ordering system, announced today the launch of its Quartzy Catalog, creating a centralized place online where labs can research and buy supplies, find competitive pricing, coordinate buying across multiple centers, track supplies all the way through the order process, and organize their inventory once it arrives.  Combined with Quartzy’s free online laboratory management platform, labs now have an easy, cost-efficient way to order supplies and manage inventory from end to end across all of their multiple centers. “We have found Quartzy to be one of the most valuable laboratory management tools we've ever encountered,” said Justin Lenoff of Xerion Advanced Battery Corp. “Having the Quartzy Catalog integrated into the lab management platform is a major value add. Aside from consolidating our ordering workflow, the Quartzy Catalog is significantly cheaper and far more convenient than ordering from a supplier.  By consolidating all of this extra work and time we had spent on ordering and tracking supplies, we can now focus on the work we’re meant to do; accelerating scientific discoveries in our laboratory.” Get a demo of Quartzy's lab management software today

Cafe chain evolves as competition to feed S.F. office workers heats up - Being flexible has helped Cafe Madeleine survive and thrive. The chain of cafes has grown by experimenting with new channels of business and new markets. Another successful business relationship has been with MealPal, a monthly membership program which allows users to subscribe to a list of restaurants for take-out lunches and dinners. Skip the lunch line and save on 1000+ great restaurants in your city 

Factual Partners with Segment to Make Location Intelligence More Accessible- As time on mobile devices continues to increase and users expect tailored experiences, developers and advertisers need more ways to create personalized moments. Starting today, a new partnership between Factual and Segment makes personalization easy, using location data. Factual’s Engine mobile SDK now integrates with Segment, enabling developers to better understand their users and create experiences personalized to them, using location data to analyze customer journey to uncover insights like where and when consumers engage with content and make purchases. Contact the Factual sales team to learn more

MM.LaFleur on the Future of Stores - Rachel Mann, director of offline retail at MM.LaFleur: "For us, it's about the human experience, a refuge from Alexa and all the choice and robots. I'm overwhelmed by it already ... it should be like you're meeting your friend and she's giving you good advice." It's clear that retailers and brands can't compete on Amazon's level, Mann said during a panel about integrating technology in stores, but she isn't worried the e-commerce giant is coming for the four-year-old women's workwear business, because specialty retail still has something Amazon does not — a human touch. The experience of an MM.LaFleur store should be so human, so relaxing and so personalized that the way employees are using data and personalization tools should be in the background, she said. For MM.LaFleur, relationships and services will continue to be an essential piece of its in-store growth as the company expands this year with more pop-up shops and locations. Book an appointment at an MM.LaFleur shop

This College Lacrosse Player Made $6,000 Selling His Used Gear Online: Here’s How - Oliver Stoudt was tired of borrowing money from his parents. And they were tired of nagging him about the overflowing piles of lacrosse equipment in his bedroom. So in the summer of 2015, Oliver picked out a limited-edition lacrosse stick head and listed it on SidelineSwap, a platform where athletes exchange gear. He was looking to trade it for a piece of equipment he needed but was surprised when a buyer offered him $80 instead. Buy and Sell on SidelineSwap

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