June 2018 Updates from Teamworthy Ventures

New Investment

We are proud to support CEO Eric Horndahl and the entire talented and hardworking team at Renoviso. Renoviso simplifies how homeowners complete home renovation projects (e.g. windows, doors, roofing, flooring, siding) with technology, pricing transparency, and superior customer service. Get a free quote on your next project or view open positions on the Renoviso team. 

June 2018 Updates from Our Entrepreneurs

SeatGeek and Snapchat Partner to Sell Tickets Directly Through App - "We're always looking to reach our fans in innovative ways, and selling tickets directly to our followers on Snapchat gives us an incredible opportunity to connect with our most dedicated supporters," said LAFC President and co-owner Tom Penn in a statement. "We may be a new club, but we want to keep pushing forward in interacting with our fans and supporters." Moreover, the integration allows individual athletes and performers to sell tickets directly to their fans as well. Champion boxer Errol Spence Jr. is scheduled to post tickets to his Snapchat Story for an upcoming bout at Ford Centre at The Star in Frisco, Texas, outside of Dallas. "Selling tickets through Snapchat is a massive opportunity to reach fans in a new way," added Doug Dawson, vice president of ticket sales for the Dallas Cowboys, which owns the venue. "This is a really exciting example of SeatGeek's open distribution approach to ticketing, and we're looking forward to working with performers that come through our venues to put tickets in front of their Snapchat followers." In the coming months, SeatGeek and Snapchat are expected to work together to add more events to the integration. SeatGeek provides ticketing for AT&T Stadium (home of the Cowboys) and Banc of California Stadium (home of LAFC). Learn more about SeatGeek Enterprise

Glassdoor puts Ibotta's Bryan Leach on list of 2018 Top CEOs - Leach was honored with a Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Award for his 98 percent employee approval rating. Glassdoor is one of the world’s largest recruiting sites and uses anonymous and voluntary ratings from CEO’s respective companies over the past year to construct each rating. “It’s an honor to be recognized alongside some of the most well-respected CEOs in the country,” Leach said in a statement. “This award is particularly significant because it is based on feedback from Ibotta employees – both past and present. We’ve worked hard to cultivate a strong culture at Ibotta, one where we win as a team. Every win we have is together and is a result of the hard work, focus, and determination across every department of the Ibotta team. I am humbled to work with such an incredible group of people.” View open positions at Ibotta

Toast Reveals “Restaurant Success in 2018” Industry Report - Nearly 60 percent of restaurateurs indicate that hiring, training and retaining staff are among the top areas of opportunity for the industry, according to a survey unveiled today by Toast. The “Restaurant Success in 2018” Industry Report results also suggest optimizing speed and efficiency, as well as attracting and retaining customers, are the second and third most crucial challenges, respectively, for restaurateurs in 2018. “While attracting and retaining talent remains the highest priority for restaurants, our research into the key drivers of restaurant success found that top restaurateurs are often more focused than their peers on optimizing their business for performance,” said Aman Narang, president and co-founder of Toast. “As the leading platform committed to helping restaurants delight guests, do what they love, and thrive, we’re excited to provide restaurants of all sizes with free access to the insights and tools they need to grow their business.”

Additional key findings include:

  • 89 percent of restaurateurs say they are optimistic for their restaurant's sales in 2018
  • 63 percent of restaurateurs advertise on social media, dropping from 75 percent in 2017
  • 47 percent admit to scheduling employees to work fewer hours each week
  • 11 percent say reservations are crucial for their POS, despite surging guest demand

Access the full Restaurant Success in 2018 Industry Report

Boxed speeds up automated fulfillment - Boxed has unveiled the next generation of its autonomously guided vehicle system in a Dallas fulfillment center. The AGVs are designed to autonomously roam the aisles of Boxed's fulfillment centers, relieving order pickers of the need to manually locate and transport items. Boxed developed the AGV hardware and software in-house in nine months. They’re built at the Union, New Jersey facility, cost about $6,000 each, can be easily upgraded and make it possible for Boxed to quickly develop a fulfillment center that can handle up to $100 million in order volume. Join the Boxed Warehouse Management team

New Orleans Saints transition to a game-changing primary tickets platform with SeatGeek - The New Orleans Saints are pleased to announce the transition to SeatGeek, creating a dramatically enhanced primary ticketing experience that will be innovative, effective, efficient and mobile-friendly for fans. SeatGeek will become the New Orleans Saints official primary ticketing platform. SeatGeek’s official primary ticketing platform will bring a host of features to the Saints that will make it easier for the team’s supporters to access and manage tickets to their games. With just two taps, fans will be able to view and purchase their tickets. They will also be able to manage their tickets from any device, whether it is SeatGeek.com, the SeatGeek app or the Saints mobile app presented by Verizon. SeatGeek also makes it incredibly easy to send tickets to a friend, meaning no longer will supporters be stuck outside the gate waiting for the tickets to arrive. This is all part of SeatGeek’s open approach to ticketing, which allows fans to discover and buy tickets in more places than ever before. Learn more about SeatGeek Enterprise

RaiseMe on Understanding Your College Award Letter and Micro-scholarships- What is an award letter? An award letter is a document that colleges will send to admitted students containing information about the financial aid and grants awarded to that student based on academic merit, financial need, and other considerations. The award letter typically contains information like the estimated cost of attendance (including direct costs like tuition and board, and indirect costs like textbooks and school supplies), estimated scholarships and grants from the university, and estimated loans. How should I interpret my award letter from a college? In this image, RaiseMe has broken down what each component of a college award letter represents, how RaiseMe micro-scholarships fit in, and what it all means for you and your family. Follow the letters beneath the image to understand how each component of a financial aid award letter may differ.  Start earning micro-scholarships with RaiseMe

Announcing the New Factual Geopulse Audience Designer - Smart marketers understand the value of location-based targeting… The way people behave in the real world is the most powerful signal for understanding who they are and what they want. But effective location-based targeting requires a flexible solution to create highly-customized audiences using high-quality data. Today we’re excited to announce Factual’s new Geopulse Audience Designer, which enables advertisers to accurately target based on precise real world behaviors –– so they can reach the right consumers with the right message, every time. Smart Search is now integrated directly into the Audience Designer for seamless targeting of over 130 million places, chains and points of interest across 475 categories. Refine your audience by place visit attributes such as frequency, day-of-week and time-of-day, or limited to a specific date range. Exclude specific audiences based on “does not/have not attributes,” enabling you to design campaigns using detailed, complex logic. See the new Geopulse Audience Designer in action

Skyguide and AirMap Demonstrate Successful Drone UTM U-Space - “In September 2017, we successfully demonstrated the concepts of the U-Space with three flights in the city of Geneva,” said Alex Bristol, CEO of skyguide. “Today, we used a system that manned and unmanned traffic for dozens of drone deployments anywhere in Switzerland. This tremendous progress proves that U-Space contributes to the safety of the air traffic system and that Switzerland leads the way in drone innovation. ” “Skyguide and AirMap have demonstrated today that U-Space transport systems are ready to go live and support live commercial drone services throughout Switzerland and later in Europe,” said Ben Marcus, co-founder and CEO of AirMap. “These are exciting prospects for the growing community of drone operators in Europe for whom we are paving the way. Earlier this year, skyguide and AirMap announced that they would jointly develop the first national air traffic management system for drones in Europe, the Swiss U-Space. AirMap also announced the opening of an office in Zurich, where a team working closely with skyguide will support the thriving drone community in Switzerland. Contact the AirMap team to explore partnership opportunities

Pennsylvania’s Private College Association Recognizes Income Share Agreements as Innovative Solution for Paying for College - The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP) today announced that it has approved the education finance pioneer Vemo Education (Vemo) as a member-preferred program for Pennsylvania colleges and universities looking to implement income share agreements, a new approach to student finance. "Affordability has always been a cornerstone of our efforts to help students succeed in college and beyond," said Mark Volk, president of Lackawanna College, an AICUP member that launched an income share agreement program in late 2017.  "Our new income share agreement program is transforming the way we help students from all backgrounds finance their education, and we are excited to see AICUP recognizing the potential of ISAs." "We serve a diverse group of 91 colleges and universities across Pennsylvania -- but despite their differences, our members are all in search of innovative solutions to help students afford  their education," said Tim Alexander, Vice President of Finance and Administration of AICUP. "We expect that as they learn about this new preferred program, our members will find income share agreements to be a new tool to reduce barriers to enrollment and retention. And colleges that offer income share agreements have a greater stake in their students' success after graduation." Learn more about Income Share Agreements and Vemo Education

Architectural Digest on How MM.LaFleur Designed a Retail Concept Based on Female Empowerment - Sarah LaFleur's founding concept of MM.LaFleur, which launched e-commerce in 2013 and ventured into brick-and-mortar first through pop-ups and then permanent spaces (it now boasts long-term locations in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.). Though she's quick to refuse any credit for the brand's design ("I'm not the creative person," she tells me. "I'm the business one!"), LaFleur had a clear mandate when she started the company as a young consultant: It must not feel at all like her experiences in any department store. "It was just horrible," she recalls with a laugh, referring to clothes shopping after her day job. "You’re clawing through thousands of square feet of racks to find one item that might work for you. It was such a pain point in my life. So that was a huge piece of what we thought about when we were conceptualizing our brick-and mortar. Never having to wade through racks! The most important thing we did when we opened our spaces was to have no merchandise out." Book an appointment at an MM.LaFleur shop

(PLAY VIDEO) Capsule CEO Eric Kinariwala appears on NY1 to discuss how Capsule reinvents the pharmacy experience for New Yorkers

(PLAY VIDEO) Virtru CEO John Ackerly appears on Fox Business to discuss the fallout from Facebook's data scandal.

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Chief Financial Officer at Ibotta


Engineering Manager at RaiseMe

Engineering Manager at Capsule

Android Engineer at Ibotta

Full Stack Engineer at Academia.edu

Software Engineer at Worksmith

Senior iOS Engineer at Capsule

Software Engineer (SG Open) at SeatGeek

Software Engineer at Imagen

Software Engineer at Quartzy

Senior Mobile Engineer at Academia.edu

Platform Engineer at Ibotta

Full Stack Software Engineer at Lively

Full Stack Developer at Renoviso

Software Engineer at Trim


Director of Marketing Analytics at SeatGeek

Senior Paid Marketing Manager at Toast

Growth Marketing Director, SEM at SeatGeek

Marketing Manager at MealPal

Senior Manager at Renoviso

Head of Integrated Communications at Boxed

Growth Marketing Manager at Carta


Doctor Partnerships Manager at Capsule

National Partnerships Executive at MealPal

Spirits Business Development Lead at Boxed

Account Manager at Worksmith

Senior VP of Data Partnerships at Ibotta

Business Development Manager at Raise.me

National Partnerships Executive at MealPal

Director of Business Development, Enterprise at Factual

Sales Manager at Renoviso

Business Development Representative at Renoviso

Outside Sales Executive, Seattle at MealPal

Account Executive at BridgeAthletic


Head of Product at MealPal

Product Manager - Primary Ticketing at SeatGeek

Lead Product Manager at Trim

Product Manager at Capsule

Senior Product Manager at Academia.edu

Product Manager at MealPal

Senior Product Manager at Ibotta

Product Designer at Trim

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