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Saskatoon tech company using AI for restaurant scheduling - Gone are the days of Excel schedules, according to 7shifts CEO Jordan Boesch who was on Gormley on Thursday. “The next wave is really around further artificial intelligence when it comes to managing labour and staff and engagement,” said Boesch. Boesch said restaurants tell him labour is among the biggest challenges they face. “Scheduling is becoming more complex. There’s more of an on-demand workforce now than there ever has been.” The company does an analysis, looking at past scheduling behaviours, who works well together and why. It also takes several factors into account, including the weather and historical sales, to create the most efficient schedule for each restaurant. Boesch explained their technology reaches beyond labour management into staff retention as well. He said managers can take that data and create a better culture in their workplace to make it a place where staff want to work. Join the 7Shifts team

Capsule CEO Letter to the Team, Customers, Doctors, and Partners Who Made 2018 Incredible - In 2018, our revenue increased more than 3.5x in New York City. We looked after tens of thousands of customers—making it effortless for them to manage their medication and creating the first true end-to-end digital pharmacy platform. We proved that our consumer advertising and doctor partnerships channels work better together than separately. And we partnered with doctors to deliver the future of pharmacy, with real-time feedback loops that enable better care than has ever been possible before. We continued to expand our incredible team—growing from 75 to 250 full-time Capsules, and adding hundreds of couriers to deliver your medications by hand wherever and whenever you want them. We hired senior leaders with experience working for beloved consumer brands like Blue Apron, Jet, and Soulcycle, and for high growth healthcare innovators, like WebMD and Practice Fusion. Our frictionless experience allowed you to develop personal, trusted relationships with our pharmacists through asynchronous communication right from your phone. Blending technology and humans, we delivered the same type of care you would expect if your mom were your pharmacist. 95% of our customers told us that using Capsule is effortless. Join the Capsule team Partners with LinkedIn Sales Navigator - Combining LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s smart selling solutions with G2’s Buyer Intent data means that sales teams can find the right people at accounts actively shopping for their product. Using configurable email notifications, sales professionals are notified when target accounts are shopping on G2 and immediately see recommended contacts from the company. Recommendations are surfaced based on a contact’s connections, sales preferences, search history and profile interactions. “People don’t buy today as a result of cold calls and emails. The power is in the hands of the buyers, doing more research than ever before. As sales teams, we need to focus on accepting the modern buyer journey and connecting to the right buyers at the right time,” said Matt Gorniak, Chief Revenue Office at G2. “ We’ve always been aligned with LinkedIn on this vision, and this integration helps us make it a reality.”  Join the G2 Crowd team

RaiseMe & Guided Pathways: Creating a roadmap for transfer student successRaiseMe seeks to illustrate, as soon as students start their two year degree, what kinds of achievements and habits will keep them on track to graduate and transfer. For each achievement reached students can earn micro-scholarships that offset the cost of their four year degree, which provides a constant feedback loop of how their decisions today impact their future. The achievements that RaiseMe focuses on align with key performance indicators developed by AACC, reinforcing the message that early, frequent, and prompt feedback on a student’s progress is going to help keep them on track. Other ways, aside from micro-scholarship offerings, that RaiseMe may align with your institution’s work around Guided Pathways includes: Intrusive Advising: RaiseMe’s free educator portal allows advisors to see the schools your students are interested in transferring to, their portfolio of activities, and how much they are earning. First Year Experience: RaiseMe has transfer focused classroom materials that discuss early planning, financial literacy, and more! Early Intervention: RaiseMe allows students to forecast how much they can earn with different combinations of final grades. Showing students how much they can earn by improving their grades can keep them on track. Join the RaiseMe team

(PLAY VIDEO) SeatGeek And Cargo Partner For Deals On Concert Tickets - In-car commerce company Cargo and mobile ticketing platform SeatGeek partner to give passengers exclusive ticket deals. Cargo passengers will have access to discounted deals to a city's top local events. Jeff Cripe, founder & CEO of Cargo, and Lee Moulton, Director of partnerships at SeatGeek, discuss providing an in-car experience and what the future of this partnership holds.  Join the SeatGeek team

Virtru Secures FedRAMP authorization, an Important Step to Government Digital Transformation - FedRAMP has raised the bar in cloud security and digital transformation. We are thrilled to be part of this initiative by bringing the Virtru Data Protection Platform to the FedRAMP. Each cloud service offering (CSO) is assessed across three security objectives: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. These are centered on the NIST SP 800-53 control requirements and are categorized into low, moderate, and high impact based on the sensitivity of the data. Virtru was authorized with moderate impact. They define Moderate Impact systems as accounting “for nearly 80% of CSP applications that receive FedRAMP authorization and is most appropriate for CSOs where the loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability would result in serious adverse effects on an agency’s operations, assets, or individuals.” As only the 128th solution authorized, Virtru joins an elite group of providers on the FedRAMP marketplace.   Join the Virtru team

Ensuring Safety While Fostering Drone Commerce with UTM and U-space - From AirMap Chairman Ben Marcus: It’s important to identify how the FAA has really led the world in developing LAANC. The FAA is really far ahead of everyone else when it comes to authorizing flights in controlled airspace, so we’re very appreciative of the partnership with the FAA for that. The same concept is coming to Europe. LAANC is available to Europe through the AirMap UTM Platform. We’re offering it to any country that wants to use LANNC, and many are. As I mentioned, Swiss U-space will go live later this year, powered by AirMap. You’ll be able to operate in controlled airspace in Switzerland through a very similar interface as you use in the United States. Countries are increasingly shifting towards digital authorization, led by the FAA and LAANC. AirMap expects to see authorities experiment with standardizing their waivers process for complex operations, accelerating the timeline for new commercial models. We’re also seeing opportunities for operators for in Remote ID, conformance monitoring tactical deconfliction, 3D terrain and elevation data, SORA, and more. Join the AirMap team

MealPal lunches served up at $6 in downtown Austin - CBS Austin spoke with MealPal co-founder Mary Biggins over Facetime. "We've facilitated over 10 million reservations for lunch so far," says Biggins. Currently MealPal has partnered with 4,000 restaurants in 20 cities worldwide. She says MealPal benefits both the business and the buyer. "Because we're sending restaurants a high volume of orders for the exact same thing, they're getting really good efficiency and economies of scale at making the same thing. We're able to buy meals from them at a discounted price and we're able to pass some of those savings on to the consumer," says Biggins. Join the MealPal team

Boxed CEO sees 2019 as a 'breakout year' Boxed's technology, which Huang and his engineering team built from the ground up, was the selling point for that deal, CEO Chieh Huang said, and may represent the company's greatest competitive advantage. This includes order management systems, mobile technology, software that monitors and lists product expiration dates and automated robots that wheel packages around its warehouses. The company's warehouse in Union, New Jersey, is fully automated, with nearly three miles of conveyor belts, driverless carts and a special camera that takes a "selfie" of each order and emails it to its new owner.  Join the Boxed team

Lively releases 2018 HSA Data Report - Lively, Inc., creators of the modern Health Savings Account (HSA), today released its first annual HSA Spend Report, giving a view into the healthcare expenses that cost consumers the most each year. Findings show that the average HSA account holder will spend 93 percent of their savings on everyday healthcare costs: doctor visits and services (41 percent); prescription drug costs (25 percent); dental care (9 percent); vision and eyewear (5 percent); chiropractor (5 percent); lab work (4 percent); and other (4 percent). Join the Lively team

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