The Teamworthy Fellowship

Join a Great Team. Learn to Build a Worthy Company. 

The Teamworthy Fellowship is a paid fellowship that supports high achieving college students and recent graduates seeking opportunities to join the world’s most innovative startups and early growth stage companies and introduces you to outstanding peers with a shared passion for entrepreneurship.

How It Works

Teamworthy Fellows will typically spend their summer interning at an early to growth stage company, learning from the best entrepreneurial teams, and developing relationships with peers and mentors across our Fellowship program and our portfolio companies. We also accept students interested in co-op or internship work opportunities during the school year, as well as entrepreneurial students interested in pursuing a business idea or an innovative independent project.

Fellowship Prizes

We will award a limited number of $5000 prizes to the most promising applicants. Fellowship winners will also be invited to New York City to meet other Fellows, our partners, and entrepreneurs in our portfolio.

Who Should Apply

Our Fellows are current college students or recent graduates (+3 years post-graduation) who have received an offer for an internship or junior-level position at an exceptional technology or technology-enabled business. Many Fellows will join one of our Teamworthy Ventures portfolio companies. However, the program also reserves a number of fellowships for students who have already accepted an internship or full-time position at another startup or early stage company. We encourage the application of students who are building their own startup and wish to participate in the activities of the program. We also accept applications from students interested in pursuing an innovative independent research project.

We are currently accepting applications. We accept applications on a rolling basis until May 1, 2020.

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Q: Do I have to work in New York City?

A: No! Our Fellows can pursue opportunities in any U.S. or Canadian location. For example, we have portfolio companies headquartered in Austin, Boston, Chicago, DC, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Saskatoon (Canada), among others.

Q: Do I have to be an engineer or software developer to apply? 

A: No! While many of our applicants are pursuing studies in computer science, engineering or the natural sciences, we welcome applicants with backgrounds in the humanities and social sciences.

Q: Can I apply for a Fellowship while I pursue a startup idea?

A: Yes! Our Fellowship is a great way to develop relationships with entrepreneurial peers and potential mentors in our network. Our Fellowship prize is a simple and flexible cash award, not an equity investment in your business. Your co-founder should also apply separately.

Q: I graduated from college. Can I apply for the Fellowship?

A: Yes, we accept applications from recent graduates out of school for less than 3 years. You should be interested in pursuing a job at an early growth company or pursuing a business idea as an entrepreneur.

Q: Do you accept students pursuing co-op or remote work during the school year?

A: Yes! We encourage applications from students interested in or pursuing co-op work in connection with their college degree or students interested in working remotely during the school year.

Q: Who pays for my internship?

A: You and your company will agree upon your compensation which is independent from our $5000 Fellowship Prize.

Q: I would like to pursue an independent project in college. Can I apply for a Fellowship to help fund the project costs?

A: Yes. Fellows pursuing an innovative research project can use the prize to cover project costs. We encourage students pursuing a project to have a fellow student as a project partner.