What Our Entrepreneurs Say

SeatGeek Teamworthy

SeatGeek Co-Founder and CEO Jack Groetzinger

"As we grow SeatGeek's leading live event ticket search engine and reinvent primary ticketing through SeatGeek Enterprise, Teamworthy Ventures continues to serve our team as an investor with deep expertise in and unique insights about both marketplace and enterprise SaaS businesses. Their team regularly introduces us to potential partners, new team members, and entrepreneurs tackling similar challenges."


Ibotta Teamworthy

Ibotta Founder and CEO Bryan Leach

"At Ibotta, we have been very selective in our choice of investors, and Teamworthy Ventures has been an outstanding partner at every stage of our business. In the last year alone, they have introduced us to new customers, job candidates, and technology partners. Their team even provided a helpful working prototype of new features for our app. " 


MealPal Founder and CEO Mary Biggins

"Teamworthy Ventures continues to help us advance our company in meaningful ways. Their partners have made several valuable introductions to new team members, marketing partners, and technology providers. And their team has provided thoughtful insights regarding new product features and key strategic decisions." 



Toast CEO Chris Comparato

"While they are one of our newer investors, Teamworthy Ventures has become one of our most helpful investor partners alongside our team. In the last year, they introduced us to new potential enterprise and mid-market clients. Their team has provided valuable introductions to several strategic partners as we enter our next stage of growth."


Virtru Logo.png

Virtru Co-Founder and CEO John Ackerly

"As our business at Virtru has grown, Teamworthy Ventures remains one of our most helpful investor partners alongside our team. In the last year, they introduced us to new enterprise clients, and valuable marketing and technology partners. Their team provided useful technical feedback, and they continue to contribute ideas that help shape our product roadmap based on key lessons from their network of portfolio companies."